For Immediate Release
Date September 16, 2013

Marshall Butler
Newton Security Inc.

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Newton Security Introduces New, Single Door
Anti-Tailgating Detection System Based Upon
Stereo Vision Technology

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - Newton Security, Inc., the global leader in the supply of machine vision, single person sensing and tracking systems, recently introduced a new, single-door anti-tailgating detection system named Entry Vision. The new system, based on advanced stereo vision, is designed to compete in both performance and price in the congested field of related single door security devices that still rely on decades-old light beam technology.

The Entry Vision product is a tailgate detection and direction control system that adds an additional layer of security to an existing access controlled single door, passage way or corridor. The sophisticated detection system uses stereo vision and proprietary Newton software to admit only one person into a restricted area for each valid authorization, while allowing carts or luggage to accompany them without an alarm. The technology enables the system to perform in full ambient light or in total darkness.

"Stereo machine vision is the best technology available for single person detection in security applications." said Rob Wheeler, President of Newton Security Inc. "The new Entry Vision addresses a market segment that has been serviced for too long by out-dated photo cell and beam technologies. Entry Vision delivers additional security to access controlled entryways but without the frequent false alarms that occur with many of the other technologies on the market," Wheeler concluded.

The Entry Vision system consists of a pair of low-profile modules that attach easily to a standard metal door frame or to the wall. The Detector module houses three tracking cameras and the Emitter module encloses a strip of infrared (IR) illuminators. In addition to integrating seamlessly with existing access control systems, Entry Vision enables owners and integrators to exercise wide choice in connecting the type of output response devices that would be most appropriate: a flashing light, an audible alarm, initiating video recording, or sending a silent signal to security control. The system is adaptable to most common settings such as: restricted office areas, high value parts storage cages and exterior doors.

About Newton Security Inc.
Seattle-based Newton Security Inc. is a privately held firm delivering high technology solutions to the security issues of tailgating and piggybacking. It is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of 3D, stereo machine vision, single person detection systems. The company was founded in 2002 to specifically develop a reliable solution to the tedious and often manpower-intensive problem of stopping tailgating and piggybacking into restricted areas. Newton systems are in use around the world at airports, government buildings, data centers, research laboratories, financial concerns, power plants, manufacturing sites, unmanned immigration and virtually every other category of secure areas.

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