Toronto Pearson International Airport
Toronto Pearson International Airport


Intergate Columbia Data Center
Intergate Columbia Data Center


NTT Data Kansai
NTT Data Kansai


Newton Security Customers

Newton Security stereo vision systems are in use around the world at airports, government buildings, data centers, research laboratories, financial concerns, power plants, manufacturing sites, unmanned immigration and virtually every other category of secure areas. Some of our customers include:

- A major software company
- Adesta, LLC
- Aronson Security Group
- Center for Disease Control
- Cochran Security
- Convergint Technologies
- Douglas Electronics
- Edmonton International Airport
- Federal Reserve Banks
- First Data, Panama
- Fort Detrick
- Gatwick Airport
- GE Appliances
- Gunnebo AB
- Heathrow Airport
- Honeywell
- Horizon
- Infrastruct Security
- Johnson Controls
- Kelowna International Airport
- London International Airport
- Manchester Airport

- Niscayah Group
- North American Video
- Northwestern Mutual
- NTT Kansai
- Panasonic
- Quebec International Airport
- Sabey Data Centers
- Savvis Data Centers
- Scott Air Force Base
- Scottish Parliament
- Securix, LLC
- Siemens Industry Inc
- Simplex Grinnell
- Social Security Administration
- Sound Incorporated
- Sprint
- Tennessee Electric
- Toronto Pearson International Airport
- Victoria International Airport
- Winnipeg International Airport


Scottish Parliament Chamber
Scottish Parliament


Edmonton International Airport
Edmonton International Airport


Fort Detrick - Frederick, Md.
Fort Detrick - Frederick, Md.