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Application Benefits:

  • Simple to install - no civil works such as the digging up of expensive flooring
  • Adapts to existing building Mantraps or lobby systems can be installed into an existing vestibule or small room, unlike the portal solution which can cause user rejection due to claustrophobia, etc.
  • A typical T-DAR installation, either a door, lobby or mantrap system includes one or two, small, visually unobtrusive stereo camera heads which are surface-mounted on ceiling, or alternately, may be mounted above a drop-ceiling
  • Seamless incorporation into existing building security systems during addition or renovation project
  • Low or no maintenance -
    T-DAR systems have no motors, gearboxes or moving parts to wear out or break
  • No special lighting required; overhead office-level of 300 lux is sufficient
  • Allows mixed traffic -a mantrap and lobby system can be used as an entry and egress point for both pedestrian and carts without the need of special staging areas on the floor.
  • Simple controls via a straight-forward graphical user interface for all operating and communication elements


Security, Economic and Application Benefits of a
T-DAR® Door or Mantrap Security System

The T-DAR technology built into Newton Security door and mantrap products uses advanced, patented stereo vision technology and proprietary software to detect and deter tailgating and piggybacking, while enabling operators of secure facilities to accrue on-going savings, as well as benefitting from simple and adaptive installation and application.

Security Benefits :

  • T-DAR® systems discern humans from non-human objects within the field of view of the stereo camera head and continues to track the human form within the scanning coverage zone.
  • T-DAR works in conjunction with virtually any badge or pass system, including biometrics and smart ID systems for an authorized entry, as well as with electromechanical door locks
  • T-DAR provides immediate and accurate entry authentication and recognition
  • Real-time alarm activation and event camera playback when violations occur
  • Real-time transmission of alarm conditions and event video to central security
  • In addition to mantrap and door installations, T-DAR technology can be used to guard corridors, passage ways, wall-mounted or free-standing art displays, industrial machines, or other sensitive areas where physical barriers would be impractical or unaesthetic.
T-DAR security benefits


T-DAR Economic Benefits

Economic Benefits:

  • Reducing security costs is a primary benefit of the
    T-DAR detection systems
  • Eliminates the need for security personnel at many points within a facility
  • Return on investment (ROI) for a mantrap or lobby system can be rapid
  • T-DAR will pay for itself in a matter of months, for example if a facility is using 24-hour guard service

Case in Point - Canadian Airports:

  • A guard must be posted 24/7 at each restricted area door.
  • Cost of guarding per door is $110,000 per year.
  • The full cost of a mantrap including the T-DAR system, biometric reader, cameras, lock, etc, is approximately $50,000
  • Return on investment was less than six months
  • On going savings:
    First year-$60,000
    Thereafter-$110,000 per year