Newton Security RMA Policy

To Begin the RMA Process:

Call, fax or email Newton Security Inc.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process

The Newton Security Inc. (NSI) Technical Support Department will initially seek to resolve any problems with our equipment, via telephone and email assistance. Should this prove to be unsuccessful then the alternative is to return the non-performing product back to Newton Security Inc. offices. The process to do this is as follows:

  1. The client will contact NSI for an RMA number, stating the serial number of the product and a brief description of the fault, also including a contact name and telephone number.
  2. NSI will then issue an RMA number which the client should reference on all documents sent to NSI, including delivery note.
  3. NSI will request a purchase order from the client for the evaluation fee of $325, even if the unit is currently under warranty.
  4. Should the product be under warranty and the fault is proven to be the result of a manufacturing defect, then the evaluation fee will not be invoiced.
  5. Should the product be under warranty and the fault is not due to a manufacturing defect, then both the evaluation fee and any replaced parts will be chargeable.
  6. Providing adequate packaging and arranging transportation costs to Seattle are the responsibilities of the client.
  7. Upon receipt of the equipment, an NSI technician will proceed to evaluate the product to ascertain the cause of the non-performance and the extent of any repair.
  8. NSI will then inform the client (by email) of the evaluation results and any applicable costs of repair; labor, parts, etc. If the client decides to repair the unit then NSI requires either an amendment to the original evaluation purchase order, or a new purchase order is to be supplied which reflects the repair costs.
  9. Should the problem only require labor, then the evaluation fee would cover the work.
  10. Only when NSI receives official instruction from the client to proceed will the repairs be completed.
  11. The repaired equipment will be put through an extensive testing procedure prior to return.
  12. For warranted equipment, NSI will return the repaired unit by UPS ground in the USA and for international destinations by the most economical transport method. If the client requests a different, or expedited transport method, the transportation costs will be the client's responsibility.
  13. For non-warranty repairs it is the responsibility of the client to pay for and to organize the return of their components.
  14. A report detailing work carried out will be emailed to the client for their records.