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T-DAR® Installation and Operation Manuals

Please click the links below to view the PDF manuals for the following
T-DAR stereo vision systems:

T-DAR Installation Checklists

After T-DAR components are installed by a security systems integrator, they must be properly set-up and commissioned by either a Newton engineer or a trained and approved engineer before going into full operation. The following checklists are used to ensure that all elements of a T-DAR installation are indeed correctly in place and that system setup may proceed.

Click the links below to view the PDF checklists for the following T-DAR systems:

Newton Security Manuals and Checklists
Newton Security Manuals and Checklists

Other T-DAR Applications

In addition to the models and installations described in these manuals, other models of the T-DAR system are available for use in applications listed below.

  • Optical Turnstiles
  • Barrier Arm Turnstiles
  • Barrier Gates (Wing Style)
  • Automated Immigration Gates
  • Elevator Control
  • Escalator Direction Sensing
  • Vehicle Tailgate Detection
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • People Counting
  • Waiting Line Tracking
  • Asset Tracking and Verification
  • Population Counting
  • Directional Control

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