T-DAR door, lobby and mantrap systems are UL and CE certified and have met and exceeded the QC requirements for the various United States government and other governmental bodies who have deployed the system. T-DAR systems are ADA (U.S.) and DDA (Europe) certified.

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T-DAR is ADA and DDA certified.


T-DAR technology is patented in both the United States and Canada and covers all usage of stereo 3D vision for the security industry allowing the detection and classification (authorized or unauthorized) of persons transiting an area. Thus it covers alarming for tailgating, prevention of tailgating by the use of a vestibule and an inlet and an outlet door (commonly known as mantraps), security revolving doors, automatic immigration gates that are deployed world-wide and any other usage of stereo 3D vision for single person detection.

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Overview of T-DAR® Anti-Tailgating Technology

The unique, patented T-DAR technology built into all Newton Security Inc. products combines three-dimensional, stereo optical imaging and sophisticated Newton-developed software algorithms. This technology specifically and reliably admits only one person into a restricted area per valid authorization, allowing carts or luggage to accompany them without an alarm, while tagging and tracking the person within the scanning zone.

The T-DAR software that runs onboard the control unit accepts data from virtually any badge or access system, including biometric and smart I.D. systems, card readers, or PIN pads, as well as from the system's own stereo cameras and door position indicators. T-DAR controls the electromechanical door locks and, in the case of a Mantrap Shield or Lobby Shield system, the interlocking doors that allow only one door at any time to be open. When any one door is open, all other doors of the mantrap or lobby system are automatically locked.

Should the T-DAR system detect two or more people passing into the scanning area, the system sounds an alarm and plays a prerecorded warning message and may also be configured to send a signal to the building's security office and/or to begin video recording.

Newton Security manufactures two types of T-DAR based anti-tailgating and, anti-piggybacking security products:

  • Door Products that control single or double doors, including swinging, sliding and folding
  • Mantrap & Lobby Products with one or more entrance doors and one or more exit doors fitted with interconnected electromechanical locks.

The primary difference between the two product lines:

  • The door systems detect and alert security to tailgating and piggybacking incidents and sound a local alarm, but have no capability to stop a violator.
  • The mantrap and lobby systems effectively prevents tailgating and piggybacking by communicating with the access control system and controlling the electro-mechanical door locks, thus allowing only one authorized person to pass through a vestibule or airlock at a time.

Integration Scope

T-DAR systems are specifically designed to stand alone, with no outside monitoring required and they feature easy integration with existing access control systems. A system requires only a single digital signal, typically a dry contact, from the access control system to communicate authorization of a person to the T-DAR system.

  • The T-DAR outputs are also dry contacts, with up to six outputs (dry contacts) for alarms and warnings.
  • Typically only two outputs are used: one to the access control system for the alarm and one to the DVR/NVR system to mark the event.
  • Where installed, the light, alarm and voice Annunicator device is directly controlled by, and wired to, the T-DAR system with a standard CAT5 connector and cable.
  • In addition, T-DAR systems accept various optional inputs from the access control system or other devices for by-passes, over-rides, special configurations, etc.; all of these various options are simply configured via the user interface.
  • There are a wide variety of software options that allow for numerous customer needs or required application conditions.
  • A mantrap system may be configured to easily accommodate wheelchairs, hand trucks and carts.

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The T-DAR system can be purchased in English as the major language for both the user interface and documentation; it is also available in Japanese. Other languages are available as options with an additional cost.

The Annunciator (visual and audio alarm device) is easily field-programmable in any desired language or enunciation and is often supplied with various voices for particular countries.

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