Key Features:

  • Cost-effective tailgating detection
  • Detects crawlers but ignores carts and luggage
  • Integrates with any current access control systems
  • Easily mounts to standard door frame or wall
  • Pre-programmed propped door and loiter alarm
  • Card-stacking capability allows high throughput
  • Blends in with architectural styling

Operation & Application

Entry Vision easily adapts to most doors or passageways and is uncomplicated to install and commission; no qualified technician is required and no training is required. The system is configurable with a user interface via a USB port in the base of the Detector module.

Entry Vision accepts data from virtually any badge or access system, including biometric and smart I.D. systems. The system is able to provide access control in both directions (entry and exit), detecting the direction of travel of each person. An access reader on both sides of the door may be used for bi-directional control.

In addition to tailgating detection, the technology of Entry Vision Model EV100 may be easily adapted into these traditional entry control products:

  • Elevator Control
  • Escalator Control
  • Person Counting
  • Asset Tracking and Verification
  • Directional Control
  • Optical Turnstiles
  • Barrier Arm Turnstiles
  • Barrier Gates (Wing Style)
  • Automated Immigration Gates


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T-DAR Entry Vision Model EV100 - Door Frame Tailgating Detection

Superior detection at its core, simplicity in its design.

The T-DAR Entry Vision Model EV100 is a door frame-mounted anti-tailgating and direction control system that adds an additional layer of security to any existing access-controlled single door, passage way or corridor. The sophisticated detection system uses machine vision and proprietary Newton software to admit only one person into a restricted area for each valid authorization, while allowing carts or luggage to accompany them without an alarm. The anti-tailgating technology enables the system to perform in full ambient light or in total darkness.

Three door applications
Almost Unnoticeable - The T-DAR Entry Vision Model EV100 system consists of a pair of low-profile units that attach easily to a standard metal door frame or to the wall. The system adapts to most common settings such as: restricted office areas, high value parts storage and exterior doors.

System Description

The Entry Vision Model EV100 system is composed of two modules: the Detector module housing three tracking cameras and an Emitter module with a strip of infrared (IR) illuminators. In addition to integrating seamlessly with access control systems, the Model EV100 enables owners and integrators to exercise choice in connecting the type of output response devices that would be most appropriate: a flashing light, an audible alarm, initiating video recording, or sending a silent signal to security control.

T-DAR Entry Vision Model EV100 Technical Information
Dimensions (each unit) 2.63 in. X 2.25 in. X 46 in. (67 mm X 57 mm X 1,17 m)
Weight (each unit) 7 lbs. (3 kg)
Construction Extruded aluminum and extruded plastic filter
Mounting attachments Mounting via four holes on the back panel
(Optional mounting spacers available)
Operating temperature 40° to 110° F (4° to 43° C (optional high and low temperature systems available)
Storage temperature 0° to 125° F (- 18° to 52 ° C)
Power input voltage* 12 - 24 VDC @ 2A
Inputs 4 Opto-isolated digital
Outputs 4 Relays 2A each
USB connection Micro USB
*Power Supply NOT Included  

Output Connections

The Entry Vision Model EV100 terminal board is equipped with four opto-isolated outputs. These outputs are used to signal alarm conditions, provide simple diagnostics, or control external devices such as door locks. Each dry contact, single pole/single throw relay may be set normally open or normally closed.