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Bangladeshi Bank Card Manufacturer Installs T-DAR Mantrap Shield System, Gains EMV Certification

First Data Installs Two T-DAR Mantrap Shield Systems to Meet Required Security Increase in Their Panama Card Issuing Center

Stereo Vision Vestibule Security System Gives Broadcast Facility Both Single-Person Entry Control and Group Access Capability

Newton Security Introduces New, Single Door Anti-Tailgating Detection System Based Upon Stereo Vision Technology

Savvis U.K. Data Center Boosts Physical Security with T-DAR Anti-Tailgating, Anti-Piggybacking Access Control

Sabey Data Center Provides Added Security with T-DAR Anti-Tailgating and Anti-Piggybacking
Access Control

Toronto Airport Increases Security and Reduces Costs with T-DAR Piggybacking and Tailgating
Prevention System

Canadian patent issued to Newton for T-DAR advanced access control technology

Victoria B.C. Airport Boosts Security with T-DAR Intrusion Prevention System

Newton Security Inc. launches new website

T-DARŪ Tailgating/Piggybacking Detection and Prevention System Installed at Edmonton International Airport in Canada

T-DARŪ tailgate detection/prevention system installed at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport in Canada

T-DARŪ tailgate detection/prevention system installed at GE Appliance Center in Louisville, Kentucky

Gunnebo Wins Strategic Order to Supply ImmSec to Bahrain International Airport

No-tailgating technology prevents unauthorized Savvis Inc. data center entry

Newton Security Inc. announces patent issuance for T-DAR Tailgating/Piggybacking Detection and Prevention Systems

Major Internet Provider installs Newton Security Inc's T-DARŪ technology to protect against the loss of data due to Tailgating/Piggybacking

HP Powers Iris Recognition Security System, with Newton Security's T-DAR, Designed to Improve School and Student Safety

Major Information Processing Company Installs Newton Security Inc's T-DARŪ Technology to Protect Against the Loss of Data Due to Tailgating/Piggybacking

Gunnebo Entrance Control Introduces the ImmSec (Automated Immigration Security Gate) with Newton Security Inc T-DARŪ Technology for Single Person Detection

Designed Security, Inc and Newton Security Inc develop new sensing technology for Optical Turnstiles

Gunnebo Entrance Control Partners with Newton for Automated Immigration Security Gates

Newton Security Partners with Designed Security, Inc to Market Newton's T-DAR

T-DARŪ System Profiled in Aviation Week Magazine - Homeland Security and Defense Special Issue

Honeywell and Newton to Launch Alliance to Market Newton's T-DARŪ System (HTML Format) - Also the Press Release from Honeywell in PDF Format

ADT Launches New Tailgate Detection, Alarm and Recording System to Provide Increased Security Measures at Nation's Airport

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