Inside a data center
  T-DAR Mantrap Shield Meets
  All PCI DSS 3.0 Requirements

What is a Mantrap?

A mantrap, also known as a security vestibule or an airlock, is a secured space equipped with two or more interlocking doors and a single person detection system to insure that only one person can pass through into a high security area.

(See video examples below.)
mantrap interior
The interior of a typical mantrap showing a Newton Security T-DAR camera head and access control unit (by others) ajacent to the door into the secure area.
  T-DAR Mantrap Shield Series
 Model TDAR-MT100  One Head
 Model TDAR-MT200  Two Head
 Model TDAR-MT300  Three Head
 Model TDAR-MT400  Four Head 
 Model TDAR-MT600  Six Head


software office mantrap airport staff mantrap larger mantrap with double doors mantrap into an industrial area
Examples of T-DAR Mantrap Shield equipped high security vestibules for airports, military, software developers and industry.


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T-DAR Mantrap Shield - The Definitive Anti-Tailgating Barrier

The patented, stereo vision T-DAR Mantrap Shield system delivers the highest level of anti-tailgating and anti-piggybacking detection in an airlock / mantrap / portal application.The Mantrap Shield is a totally effective solution, compared to competitive technologies currently available, such as video analytics, break-beam systems or pressure mats. Mantrap Shield is a stand-alone system requiring no outside monitoring, control or management and fully meets PCI DSS 3.0 standards.

Typical 2-head T-DAR system mantrap installation
The components of a typical T-DAR MT200 Mantrap Shield system installation.

T-DAR Mantrap Shield software and hardware is installed in conjunction with hardware and software of other new or existing security systems to create a secured space equipped with two or more electronically controlled interlocking doors. Such a high security airlock may be a specifically constructed for that purpose, or easily retrofitted from an existing room or corridor within the building.

At the heart of the system, the T-DAR stereo vision technology and algorithms interlocks two or more access-controlled doors allowing for only one door to be opened at a time. Tailgating and piggybacking is blocked by scanning the mantrap area to ensure that only one person is in the area before locking the first door then releasing the door into the secure area.

The T-DAR Mantrap Shield system can control a space as small as five feet by five feet or, as an example, at an international airport terminal the mantrap into a secure baggage area requiring high-volume traffic is nine feet wide by 36 feet long and houses 16 T-DAR stereo camera heads.

How it Works

The following is the sequence of events for a normal passage:

  • The Secure vestibule door is normally always locked.
  • The Public vestibule door is normally always locked.
  • When a person accesses the control system reader on the public door and is approved, the T-DAR system scans the vestibule to ensure that it is unoccupied.
  • If the vestibule is unoccupied, the T-DAR system will unlock the public door.
  • As the person enters the vestibule, the system scans the doorway to determine if more than one person enters. The T-DAR system then locks the public door after it closes.
  • The person will then access the control system reader on the secure door and be approved. The Mantrap Shield scans the room to verify there is only one person present and then unlocks the secure door.
  • The person passes into the secure area and the door closes and locks.

If there is a violation with more than one person entering the vestibule:

  • If the entry scan detects more than one person enter the vestibule, an alarm signal will be sent to security.
  • When more than one person enters the room, the T-DAR annunciator will announce "only one person at a time allowed through door, please exit and try again."
  • The system resets after all persons have left the vestibule through the public door.

The Mantrap Shield is a multidirectional anti-tailgate system:

  • There are two optional modes of operation on egress for the T-DAR Mantrap Shield. The system will operate as a multidirectional tailgate system or as a uni-directional system.
  • When operating as a multi-directional system, Mantrap Shield will stop tailgating on entry, as well as stop tailgating on egress. The operating procedure on egress will be similar to that of the entry procedure.
  • When operating as a uni-directional system, Mantrap Shield will stop tailgating on entry, but allow multiple people to egress the vestibule without alarming.

Two Video Examples of a T-DAR Mantrap Shield in Operation

The T-DAR Mantrap Shield allows only one authorized person entry at a time.

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T-DAR Mantrap Shield Tailgating Prevented Video

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T-DAR Mantrap Shield Normal Entry Video