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June 12, 2008


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Newton Security Inc. announces patent issuance for T-DAR® Tailgating/Piggybacking Detection and Prevention Systems

Seattle, WA - Newton Security Inc., the global leader in the supply of machine vision single person detection systems, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved the issuance of patent number 7,382,895 for tailgating and reverse entry detection, alarm, recording and prevention using machine vision.

Tailgating is the act of an unauthorized person slipping through a door after an authorized person. Piggybacking occurs when an authorized person holds a protected door open for another person that he or she knows or perceives to have authorized access. Both acts completely remove and circumvent the access control system’s ability to reject a revoked or counterfeit pass or badge and to prevent unauthorized access. In either case, the access control system — whether equipped with advanced biometrics or just a simple card system — has no knowledge of entry by the unauthorized person unless the tailgating/piggybacking is detected.

T-DAR’s sophisticated stereo 3-dimensional machine vision technology constantly monitors and accurately counts the number of persons attempting to enter a given area and reports violators, including video evidence, to security.

Newton’s T-DAR technology has successfully been deployed in numerous applications around the world to control and track access to restricted areas, including airports, government installations, data centres, secure research laboratories, financial concerns, power plants, secure manufacturing sites, unmanned immigration and virtually every other category of secure areas.

Seattle-based Newton Security Inc. is a privately held provider of high technology solutions to address today's security needs. The company develops and markets high-performance computer driven answers to difficult security problems. Newton Security's products are designed to allow the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of computer technology to replace the human element in security applications where the tedious nature of the job, and the high cost of personnel, makes it difficult to maintain the necessary effectiveness of today's security requirements. Newton Security is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of 3- Dimensional Machine Vision single person detection systems and its T-DAR system has been granted US Patent Number 7,382,895. Additional information may be found at

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