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September 30, 2003


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Seattle, WA - September 30, 2003 - Newton Security, Inc. and Designed Security, Inc. (DSI) announced plans to market Newton Security's patent-pending Tailgate Detection and Alarm Recording system (T-DAR®) through DSI's extensive representative and integrator network in North America. The marketing agreement covers Newton's standard T-DAR® door alarm and recording systems as well as its popular T-DAR® equipped mantrap tailgate and piggybacking prevention solutions.

Newton's sophisticated T-DAR® technology detects and prevents the two most common forms of security violations "Piggybacking" and "Tailgating". These simple, yet common security violations renders all high-tech systems ineffective, including access systems such as biometrics and Smart ID systems. "Most access control systems around secure doors are only effective as long as no one holds the door open," said Newton Security President and Chief Executive Officer John W. Bramblet. "T-DAR® takes this problem out of the equation. It detects, announces and records unauthorized entries in real time, enabling a customer's security force to respond in a timely manner." Mr. Bramblet went on to add, "In addition to its alarm and recording capabilities on a standard door, when the mantrap version of T-DAR® is deployed, Tailgating and Piggybacking are fully prevented."

"We're pleased to market a product that takes a giant step toward filling one of the biggest gaps in automated security access -- the 'tailgater' or 'piggybacker' who slips behind an authorized card holder while a door is open or past a portal monitoring device when they're not being watched by a guard or security camera," said Mark Crandall, Vice-president of Operations at DSI. "It's also a strong addition to our line of access control solutions."

T-DAR® uses Newton's sophisticated three-dimensional stereo optical tracking system to monitor people passing through secure portals. The company's proprietary machine-vision technology then identifies and "tags" each human within the view of an overhead-tracking camera. The tag remains on each person as long as he or she remains in the view of the camera. The T-DAR® platform by Newton Security Inc. is designed to shore up the security lapses caused by the inability of most current electronic access systems to prevent more than one legal entry per authorized passage.

Seattle-based Newton Security Inc. is a privately held provider of high technology solutions to address today's security needs. The company develops and markets high-performance computer driven answers to difficult security problems. Newton Security's products are designed to allow the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of computer technology to replace the human element in security applications where the tedious nature of the job, and the high cost of personnel, makes it difficult to maintain the necessary effectiveness of today's security requirements. Newton Security is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of 3- Dimensional Machine Vision single person detection systems and its T-DAR system has been granted US Patent Number 7,382,895. Additional information may be found at

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