April 8, 2002

ADT Security Services, Inc.

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ADT Launches New Tailgate Detection, Alarm and Recording System To Provide Increased Security Measures at Nation's Airports

New Tailgate Detection System (T-DAR) Uses Real-Time Video To Track Unauthorized Entries

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Following the need for increased security at the nation's airports, ADT Security Services, Inc., a unit of Tyco Fire and Security Services, (NYSE: TYC; LSE: TYI; BSX: TYC), today announced a new tailgating detection system that utilizes state-of-the-art optical tracking technology to better detect when unauthorized personnel enter a restricted area.

The new system, called Tailgate Detection Alarm and Recording System or T-DAR(TM), is the result of a joint effort between ADT's Federal Systems Division and Newton Security, Inc. The patent pending system uses unique stereo optical tracking with machine vision technology, developed by Newton Security, to provide real-time video that is tied into an airport's existing access control system. This combined system better determines if someone is illegally entering a secure area or passing through a doorway, a practice commonly referred to as tailgating or piggybacking.

"Security is on the top of everyone's mind in today's world, and nowhere is that more evident than in our nation's airports," said Paul Brisgone, vice president of Federal Systems Division for ADT Security Services, Inc. "T-DAR not only provides alarm conditions when unauthorized entries occur, but provides valuable visual documentation along with time and date of the event that can be accessed and acted upon immediately."

According to Brisgone, tailgating occurs when one authorized person holds the protected door open for another person that he or she knows or perceives to also be authorized. This practice completely removes the authorization system from the process and circumvents the system's ability to reject a revoked or counterfeit pass or badge.

Another form of unauthorized entry is piggybacking, which according to Brisgone, frequently occurs at heavily utilized doors when unauthorized persons may simply slip though the door among numerous authorized personnel, such as the baggage areas at airports. The T-DAR system would also alert personnel if a person tried to block a door from completely closing in order to enter once the area is clear.

"The T-DAR system is unique in that it uses advanced optical technology that is specifically designed to detect and instantly alert personnel if these types of violations occur," Brisgone said. "In the past, it was very difficult to detect these types of access violations, without resorting to physically placing a security guard at the door."

Newton Security's patent pending machine-vision technology combines cameras with specially designed software that enables a computer to "see" its surroundings and then react appropriately. The T-DAR system combines this technology with other sensor technologies designed by ADT and Newton Security. With its combined technology, the T-DAR system can:

  • Work in conjunction with virtually any badge or pass system including biometrics and smart ID systems for an authorized entry.
  • Immediately detect when more than one person attempts to enter a restricted area, while allowing for carts, parcels and other objects to pass.
  • Alarm and record in real time video any violation of the rule of one person per authorized entry and record directly on the video the time and pass number used for the authorized passage.
  • Communicate the alarm condition in real time to the central security system and send the recorded video over a video link or a digitizing link such as Ethernet.

The T-DAR system is currently available from ADT throughout North America. Newton Security Inc., is based in Seattle, WA (

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