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Salt Lake City, Utah - An example of a T-DAR system deployment in a high-traffic area is the one in operation at Terminal 2, Salt Lake City International Airport. The system is installed on an oversized, 48-inch wide pedestrian door leading from the public baggage claim area into the secure baggage make-up area.

The T-DAR system is required to quickly cycle over 1,000 access and egress transactions through this doorway each day. In addition to normal personnel traffic, the door is used to bring oversized fragile articles, such as pet crates and kennels into the baggage claim area, and for moving high volume overflow baggage to the explosives detection system located in the secure baggage make-up area. This T-DAR installation is typical for access controlled pedestrian portals and demonstrates the capabilities of the system to deal with a large volume of traffic. The airport control center staff use the T-DAR system to detect and respond to tailgating/piggybacking violations, many of which may previously have gone unnoticed.

The T-DAR is interfaced with the airport’s existing NexWatch ® access control system. The alarm information is processed through the access control field panels and is ultimately displayed on a monitoring console in the control center where the operator can simultaneously evaluate the alarm information from the access control system and the video from the event camera at the T-DAR location.

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T-DAR at Salt Lake City International Airport